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  1. I can't believe he has no replies! O_o
  2. ^Heehee I scanned these from March 2006 Details ^^ And this from Vogue Italia Feb. 06... *Le sigh*
  3. I love Du Juan! Thanks for all the pictures!
  4. Oh Mathias...too cute for words :wub:
  5. nope Really? I didn't know! Is there on article on this that I could read? I've read it in his tfs thread Actually, they're still together
  6. ^ I've been looking for a bigger version of that picture since FOREVER! Thank you so much! Solange in Chanel Haute Couture and Christian Lacroix Haute Couture (Paris)
  7. ^ Wow! I've never seen those before! Where're they from?
  8. Sao Paulo FW06 Women by Alexandre Herchcovitch and Uma by Raquel Davidowicz
  9. ^ What's that from maddog? And Ana BB -- you're SO lucky (And adorable ^_^)! :D
  10. I know right? XD They're so cute X)
  11. Lullaby, you're seriously awesome. Where do you get your hands on these incredible, hard-to-find images? *Amazed*
  12. THANK you two so much. She looks gorgeous in all of them! And ditto Lullaby's comment to that second pic
  13. Thanks persuazn! :D Haven't seen a couple of these yet!
  14. I'm posting this around midnight eastern time since she's in NYC right now
  15. Lullaby, I seriously love you XD
  16. She looks fantastic in those...thanks Destronica!
  17. She looks fabulous in that cowgirl hat
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new here (I've been Faith Akiyama over at TFS for quite some time now, though) and I just wanted to mention my love for Cintia! Thanks for all the pics! *Snags some* If you're a Cintia fan, please join her (Unofficial but should be official soon) fanlisting that I created, Scarlet Visions, and become part of her quickly-growing fanbase! Looking forward to more pictures/discussions! ^^
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