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  1. DANSK A/W 2010 'Outspoken' Ph. Henrik B├╝low Styl. Simon Rasmussen
  2. Lyon

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. That's a different publication - the one halting business is Interior Design (I.D.) and not i-D, the fashion magazine
  4. He will be doing a couple of shows there
  5. ^Yes, they are fairly bilingual - many in Denmark can speak both Danish English fluently
  6. It's really good - almost no accent.
  7. No problem You might even be better off/faster getting the file from my upload...
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDtYD25TL5Q Don't mind the random Jeremy Dufour clips near the end...someone at WFT didn't do proper research
  9. Yah, slow Asian web servers...^^; It's uploaded now, just processing left.
  10. ^Uploading to YouTube as we speak Marty - no worries Happy 2009 to you as well...Mathias will definitely at the European menswear shows later this month.
  11. ^No problem The other photos are actually from the same King editorial -- there're just two settings, one indoor and one outdoor.
  12. The King editorial is titled "46"
  13. Le Nouvel Observateur Ph. Sophie Delaporte
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