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  1. I've been trying to convince my friend to try sending her photos to some agencies. Do you experts think she has the face to be a model? -- attachment won't upload ... 1 sec --
  2. Rumor has it BB may be right
  3. Rumor has it BB is planning on becoming Mrs. Solo
  4. Rumor has it BB is into greek.
  5. Rumor has it Vogue Girl knows RIhanna
  6. (Y) Rumor has it Vogue Girl knows Mr. Bond
  7. Rumor has it Vogue Girl is G-girl from my super ex gf.
  8. Yeah. Have you ever been in a riot
  9. Succeed, not try Have you ever met a politician
  10. Many a time. Are you trying to hide your impure thoughts?
  11. Lol yeah. Have you ever had a naughty dream about me?
  12. I have been known to. Have you ever ignored me?
  13. I'd expect so. Have you ever been AWOL from MSN.
  14. has a nice set, herself
  15. has a nice avatar. very nice... hmm...
  16. Rumor has it JK knows this because it was his F-22 I caught.
  17. (Y) What's up, JK! Rumor has it BB is a secret star of Real Housewives of OC
  18. Very recently. Have you ever lied to someone you loved
  19. No have you ever felt helpless
  20. Not really. Have you ever developed an obsession for a particular brand or tv show
  21. Rumor has it BB found Angelina Jolie's baby in Changeling, and he had become a Cigarette Lighter repairman.
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