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  1. Welcome, bro. I'm living in Silver Spring atm, so we're almost neighbours haha
  2. Rumor has it JoeKnight breaks into casinos in his spare time
  3. Rumor has it London is going with me
  4. ^ The shroud surrounds us both.
  5. Rumor has it London is mysterious
  6. I swear to god, you are just like her. She likes Jason Statham, she likes England, you have the same personality, and my 'black market' activities are a running joke...
  7. Rumor has it London is actually Lina... you sometimes sound eerily like her
  8. Rumor has it London enjoys whipping [solo]
  9. Sounds a lot like London... why do my exchanges with women always end up the same?
  10. Rumor has it London brought sexy back big time
  11. Rumor has it I branded your booty
  12. Is teetering dangerously close to taking advantage of me again.
  13. Rumor has it they are under her lingerie
  14. Rumor* has it London has tattoos in very private places. * -- confirmed by poster.
  15. Is mistaken. I don't play hard to get. I play need to get.
  16. Rumor has it london adopts cute foreign kids with big fro's and gives them funny sounding names
  17. Rumor has it Jennifer Aniston is getting pissed off at me right now for cheating on her
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