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  1. rumor has it that's my baby
  2. Rumor has it London is late
  3. Rumor has it Gonzalez Girl sleeps with one eye open
  4. Rumor has it london is a double-cross
  5. Rumor has it Ali G will rename the country to Czhekastan, and the capital city to Bel Air, while Will Smith will take the title of "Fresh Prince, heir to the throne of Czhekastan", and have weekly insult wars with Ali G.
  6. Rumor has it the Mona Lisa is an incarnation of London
  7. You my nigga, boii. From now on you are known as Big P.P.

  8. Rumor has it london has an imagination more vivid than the blue of the carribean sea, more ridiculous than Peter Griffin ballet dancing to a ballad version of "Stairway to Heaven" on a floor made of spaghetti, and as realistic as a Pablo Picasso painting.
  9. And what sort of documents would that be, beautiful?

  10. rumor has it London is very good at speaking when I'm on top of her
  11. so magical... soft skin, red lips, so kissable... too good to deny it!!!!
  12. rumor has it she kissed a girl and she liked it
  13. Rumor has it yours_forever is a master juggler
  14. I know. I'm just nice like that : )

  15. Rumor has it London is the tooth fairy
  16. Yeah it means I'll live longer ;)

  17. i said exactly 10 days ;) including year

  18. ^ will learn to like [solo] too
  19. is someone who likes solo
  20. Hello, sweatheart...

    Haha, my bday is exactly 10 days after yours.

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