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  1. That's fine. I shall add you too! *squees!* Chu so cute... >.<

  2. You are, too! And what I say goes. So there.

  3. *comments* And you have kudos from me for lovin' Aussies. >_<

    /end random

  4. And yes, you do need to check out my other pictures. Because I am made of sexah. >_<

  5. Give me your addy and I'll add you :P

    And yeah, something like 10 or so hours behind me. Maybe 11... x__X because Australia is GMT +10. It's 10:10am on Sunday here! >.<



    *goes to her corner to sulk*

  7. *points to her profile*

    ADD ME! NOW! *demands!*



    And I'll let you get away with calling me cute. For now.

  8. *struts* TR!

    Chu sexah thing you! >.<

  9. Yes, that is me in my personal photo. :P I have others in the post your pics thread, too... x__X How are you? I keep missing you! *pouts* no fair!

  10. Of course I'm crazy! Crazy. Fun. Random.


    ... >_< *bounces*

  11. That wasn't random! Zomg. Epic fail! XD

  12. *pokes you*

  13. Hi! ^_^ I don't know you... but I'm being random :P And saying hello... all randomly and stuffs... so... hi. ^_^

  14. ZOMFG! I misseded you! *cries*... come back to me! *coughs*


    Pie? *offers*

  15. It's alright.^^ For the most part. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. So we get the severe humidity when it's hot... and extreme temps. I'm only 20/30mins drive away from 3 main beaches. It's awesome. So, we get nice sea-breezes. *nods* I've read one manga... Vampire something... can't remember it. x_x it's in my room somwehere XD

  16. Hey! Yeah she did. She's had a boy. Ignacious Martin.^^ And she's outta maternity for 1 day and she's already getting ready to go to a 2020 summit with our Prime Minister! x__X The baby is a week old and she's taking him with her. She's like... super mum. I love Cate. Awesome actress! And yes, I heart Anime. I love Death Note, Neon Genesis: Evangelion and Inuyasha.

  17. It was mindblowingly good... *smirks*

  18. *comments you* XD

  19. XD You broke my comment virginity!

  20. ^__^ I founded you, Trin :P

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