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  1. Ooh. Mine on my profile since I changed my MSN... x_x

  2. Oh yes... :shifty: Do you has MSN, luff?

  3. *pokes*...*runs off*

  4. I see you :P >.<

  5. Aww. Have fun at school, love. :P

  6. ZoMg! I has new set!

  7. heyyz.. i saw you perused my profile, so, I thought I'd say hello. ^_^ *waves* Hello.

  8. I have added you.

    and my msn is: [email protected]

    And I LOVE beaches! I'll have to take you to some of our own. They're lush. Good surf beaches as well!

  9. Aww! We should! >.< And you'll have to show me around where you're from! Do you have MSN?

  10. Mhmm! And there's a zoo about 30mins walk up the road from me; with Kangaroo's and you can go into the enclosure and feed them and stuff. And you can hold a Koala and everything. Plus see other various wildlife... it's brilliant. You'd definitely love it. ^___^ The 'Roo's are absolutely ADORABLE! *_* My mum used to have a pet one. ^_^

  11. XD Kangaroo? Ahh! You'd love where I live, we quite literally get them in our backyards. We also have koala's in our backyards. You'd love Australia, it is indeed quite beautiful. You should come here one day! I can be your tour guide! ^_^

  12. We have weird weather too. Usually we're still quite warm this time of year, but our winter has come un-seasonably early. And it's un-usually cold as well. x_x *_* I'd love to go to venezeula though... or anywhere in South America, really... *_*

  13. Aye, that would be correct. ^_^ It's rather chilly where I am at the moment.. I wish summer was back. o_o

  14. Ooh. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking? From the way you type you sound like you'd have an awesome accent. *_*

  15. I'm alright! ^_^ Just relaxing with some iced-coffee.. *_* I had a craving. So I had to go make some. >.< How are you?

  16. I figured I' drop by and say hello... for I am random. So. Hello. ^___^

  17. M! Where for art thou? >.<

  18. XD Yes! We can be sexah together!

  19. ...even if I been here 15 years. I do have a slight 'aussie twang' so it separates me from the Brits. Dude, I didn't know there wa- Oh. I see it now. :laugh:

  20. XD I sound more British though. Mainly because of the state of Australia I was born in. Like America, every state in Australia has a different accent. I may live in Queensland, but I was born in South Australia; which is the first state to tbe settled by English settlers, rather than convicts. It's the first free settlement. *nods* It's great. And I don't even sound like a Queenslander

  21. Yesh you may ^___^ I'll add you, too!

  22. *squees and runs through, poking you*

  23. Pretty? o_o HAHAHA! Gosh no, love. :P

  24. You cheeky little bugger!

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