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  1. eat more brocoli =p or eat more fat to build up your breast then exercise to make it firmer..your breasts is made of muscles too so just exercise to build it up and if you are lazy to exercise...let your bf do it for u =p hormone is also a big factor make you breast grow =p....you will have a nice looking breasts =p the best size for a girl is 34C but if you have 34B then is ok.. 34A ...kinda too small but there are always guy attracting to small breast girls so dont worry much about it =p
  2. that is why... >.<

  3. who do u think you're ? ....zzz

  4. hey i love ur quiz lmao....im addicted to it...wow this guy must be sooo smart to create this quiz lol =p i stuck at #19 now...but ill figure it out haha =p
  5. i'm currently living in usa now =p nice to see you all around =p
  6. {name}

    Pick-up Lines

    lol funny....well my simplest pick up line is: go straight to her and ask "Hello, i need give my mom a ride to the swimming pool...can i borrow your cell phone to call her real quick?" then just use her call and call your cell...make sure your stupid phone on silence lmao...you should know what to do after you get her # right? lol....the bad thing about phone is...you can't block a number haha
  7. hello my name is Leon. Nice to meet everyone here =p i just join today so i hope i can get along well with everyone...i love learning about anything so please teach me well =p i'm a college student ...and a male ...what's else?? you guys can ask me then i'll answer =p
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