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  1. Thank you :D Hope you had a great Christmas and wish you the best for the New Year!

  2. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  3. Animation made by ville4ever_2007 (valodaily) from their new DVD Ville's a very smart and witty man. His ramble on Digital Versatile Doom is interesting; it's the happiest I've seen him I must say. I do wish the band would do more interviews and photoshoots together though. He's so cute in the last pic crno-belo!
  4. Wow; she has an oriental look about her doesn't she. She's very pretty. Luella S/S 08
  5. Bam Margera Full Name: Brandon Cole Margera DOB: September 28th, 1979 Resides: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA He is a pro-skater; sponsored by Element, Adio Footwear, Destructo Trucks, Speed Metal Bearings, Electric Visual and Fairman's Skateshop ----------------------------------- Main TV/Movie Work -CKY Trilogy -Jackass -Jackass: The Movie -Haggard: The Movie -Viva La Bam -Jackass Number Two -Bam's Unholy Union There are three more movies which are currently in production -Minghags -Dream Seller -Where the fuck is Santa? Bam has his own music label: Filthy Note Records and his own radio show on Sirius: Radio Bam. He has directed music videos for HIM, CKY, Clutch and Turbonegro just to name a few. He is also opening his own bar in West Chester; the process he plans to film for a short MTV series. ----------------------------------- He was formerly engaged to Jenn Rivell; a single mother six years his senior. The two had an on-off relationship from 1997 to 2005. They split after false rumours Bam slept with Jessica Simpson emerged. He is currently married to his childhood sweetheart; Missy Rothstein (now Missy Margera). The two have been together since 2005 and had a brief relationship in 2001 whilst filming Haggard. They were married in Feb 2007; the event shown on MTV.
  6. ville is awesome

    HIM one of the greatest bands ever

  7. Venus Doom is my fav in tie with Greatest Love Songs (I love the heavy stuff!). I've never meet anyone who considers it (GLSV666) there favourite but oh well; I love them all. Anthony; just wondering who the picture on the left of the banner is of? She's really pretty
  8. Animations! Enjoy (I've never posted animations and not quite sure how to so hope this works)
  9. Love Metal Archives? Hehe; I used to wake up and watch a few videos everyday in bed before I get up. Completely HIM obsessed... Will post Vam (Ville + Bam) pics in a couple of days
  10. These are all 2008 pics - the first seven are from Helldone
  11. I'm seeing HIM in concert on this coming Monday. Definitally one of my favourite bands. Bam's quote is pretty true when he says 'All girls like HIM'... of course there are exceptions in a hiphop/rnb dominated country. Ville was engaged to ex-Finnish model and TV host Jonna Nygren. They broke it off sometime in early 2007. Right now he is single but rumours say he is dating a German poet. Ville also had a huge drinking problem claiming he hadn't been sober in two years. He ended up in Rehab in mid-2007 after the band finnished recording Venus Doom and he has been sober since. He still smokes like a chimney though.
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