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  1. @Guillermo77 Thank you,My scanner is a good one from Japanese Canon and sometimes the quality of the pictures depends on the quality of the magazine print´╝îYour friend­čśŹ
  2. thanks but i can't remenbered this image in VIVA Deutschland 11/1989,that image may be follow:
  3. Hello does anybody know this magazine of the image?
  4. Wow thank you so much Lampro, never seen. She is so young. I think she is at the fotos with her model friend Bill Goins.... great!!! I love the second one so much. I am really happy to see such stuff which is not in my collection and of whom I don┬┤t know... she has done so many wonderful layouts If you want me to scan this edit for you I can do it? It's going to be way way bigger and better quality. Let me know? Dear Frenchkiki, oh yes please , scan it in bigger I love this schoolgirlish Claudia.... she has still her baby face. More shcoolgirl than Topmodel but incredible lovely fresh a
  5. wow! can you send the HQ for here?thanks
  6. Claudia Schiffer in magazine Argentina
  7. Claudia Schiffer in GENTE Magazine 1992 June Argentina
  8. Claudia Schiffer in Magazine 1994 Argentina "Claudia in privacy"
  9. Hello Sheila I have a lot of the Stuffs,these are buy via ebay from Argentina or France...,i may send to you,do you like it? Quen
  10. Hello Sheila thank you post so rare stuffs! Quen
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