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  1. Thanks for posting new Yfke ad!!!! :)
  2. The new Vuitton campaign pics are fantastic! Thanks for posting!! Can't wait to see the ads in magazines! :)
  3. Thanks for ROLLING STONE pictures! She looks pretty!! That refrence to Obama - "Yes she can" is hilarious!! Btw her new album is soooo good!! Womanizer and Circus dont get even close to the other new amazing tracks there!!!
  4. Such great editorials!!! Thank you for posting!!!!!! I found a picture of Yfke at dutch GLAMOUR LIVING launch party:
  5. Thanks again a million Pira and Frenchkiki!!! Made my day once again!!!!! You have amazing collections on Amber! I've NEVER seen such rare posts!!!! (Y) (Y) (Y)
  6. Madonna at GUCCI Tattoo Heart Collection to benefit UNICEF event from instyle.co.uk Madonna in Louis Vuitton Always one to push the fashion envelope, Madonna swathed herself in green feathers for a Gucci dinner party to benefit Unicef in New York. The Material Girl finished off the look with a gold belt, black fishnets and green satin sandals. STYLIST'S TIP: Let's face it, only Madonna could pull off this OTT number. Nonetheless, we recommend investing in a feathered accessory (an Alice band or clutch) to jazz up your LBD. I love it!!! Gorgeous hair/makeup and cool dress and shoes!
  7. Thanks again a million PIRA! I have never seen most of these rare editorials, so I'm having a ball!!! lol! Thank you for taking the time to scan these treasures!
  8. Voguelover - the scans are AMAZING!! Also, I just wanted to post that today is YFKE STURM's birthday! She was born on November 19th, 1981! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YFKE!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. PIRA!, you have amazing collection!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the goods!
  10. voguelover - thanks sooo much for this rare editorial!!!!!!
  11. EasyLiving magazine from UK has new Yfke Sturm editorial featured! (In the issue with Tess Daly on cover)!!! Here is the lovely shoot: More shots can be found at: yfkesturm.blogspot.com
  12. Amazing amazing new shoot for H&M!!!! Can't thank you enough CarMELita for these!!! Made my day!!! :)
  13. Hey guys! I've opened this new blog on Yfke: YFKE STURM FAN which i'm going to update with all the latest on her! Today I added her latest 17-pages long editorial for September issue of 'SHAPE' magazine. Here are some previews: rest can be found at my blog http://yfkesturm.blogspot.com/
  14. 1 week to go - September 1st is the first episode of season 2 of Gossip Girl!!!! Can't wait!!!
  15. Thanks kukim for posting gorgeous Madeleine pictures!!! She is sooo lovely and most beautiful princess ever!!! Here are some more pics in sweet pink dress:
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