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  1. I will you this gorgeous KK avatar and signature you made, thank you :)

  2. Hello :)

    I am not from Turkey, I love turkish tv-series.

  3. Hey, love your avatar :)

  4. Thanks Layla, I am glad you like pictures I post :)

  5. Thanks so much,I wish happy holidays for you too and the new year. I would love that, make me something with Penelope and I will use it :)

  6. My pleasure, thanks for your message :) ..I will post anything I find :)

  7. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that Natalia Vodianova mentioned you on her facebook page, she thanked you for the picture of her and Sasha. :)

  8. Haha then we have similar interests :D

  9. You have full inbox :)

  10. Hey there :) ..I am not from Brazil, but I am a big fan of Portuguese language and Brazilian tv-series, since my childhood. :)

  11. hey, love your avatar and signature <3

  12. hey, turkish actress Nurg

  13. hey there. you were missed here, glad to see you are back :)

  14. no problem, my pleasure :)

  15. miss your posts! :)

  16. You put it well it is like a hobby, and I am obsessed with the guessing faces. thanks for your help :)

  17. hey thanks for your help in IDs section, take care :)

  18. hey, just wanted to thank you for posting that video of Yasmeen on the runway. :)

  19. you have full inbox :P

  20. thanks for all the great HQs you post, 5 stars for you :)

  21. hey thanks for your help. :)

  22. hey thanks for posting all of those old runway pics :)

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