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  1. No (i'm not a good singer) Do you like Disco Music? :dance:
  2. Black beans White Rice or Macaroni?
  3. Loving the nutella more than ever now (also preparing for dinner soon)
  4. Yes Can you lift a mid heavy object for more than 10 mins?
  5. Goin to make the Aunt Jemima in dreamland they'll be ready for 2morrow morning don't worry
  6. ^ Got it Phone texting with a friend.
  7. ^ That doesn't surprise me anymore ,but all is indicating that SHE IS pregnant once more (parece que le gusta o se puso adicta al clavo pero de quien? de ese puerco de :yuckky: bueno de ya ustedes saben ). Oh what the hell i don't care anymore if it is good or bad for her only she knows. Ok moving on , I'm thinking in someone that doesn't showed up today .
  8. (Same here almost 5 years of history,unforgettable history.) Goin to sleep now cya 2morrow late afternoon fellas To continue posting insanely
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