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  1. No (just sms text,is more cheaper) Feeling relaxed today?
  2. Vegetables Stairs or elevator?
  3. It was NUTELLA ! Yes precisely yesterday when i was washing my muscle machine Do you go out very often?
  4. Nope cold now Sadly not yet There's a recycle plant near where you live?
  5. Nope letter [N] is the key No ..just a mix of sweets Are you enjoy too much the SI 2013 Suimsuit thread?
  6. More close you are now No ...(Well maybe some coyotes i have like neighboors but that's another story) Have you been in Disneyland?
  7. You are very but very near my dear friend No ..just to relax in home Do you drive to work?
  8. Yes ..Sadly but wrong is something more sweet Busy day at work today?
  9. No .. a bird instead like chicken, (non mention i'm the dessert rite now and guess what is it?) Do you drink beer?
  10. Goin to dinner cya later folks.
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