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  1. Hating someone with all my heart
  2. Congrats Man!!! Enjoy ur new rank for all i can see this year started exellent for u ;)

  3. ^ Good at least she will polish her Spanish at full power if that is true. Good, Very good indeed!!
  4. Thanks dude :) also hoping ur most beloved wishes became true this new year for sure!! :D

  5. Thank you! :hug: I hope u'll be fine as well as all ur family too Merry Christmas!! and hoping ur most beloved wishes and resolutions became true this new year ;)

  6. In what a lot of fun after a couple of weeks sharing with my family in the other side of the island!!
  7. ^ EXACTLY that's more i like it,that's why i'm a hardcore fan of her till dead and the bettest in the world,still hoping meet her someday.
  8. Listening music too and waiting for my new GF
  9. Yes ..since thanksgiving day Are u go aroud and fooling people on msn,yahoo or another online chat way??
  10. Very content ,cuz today i discover the real intentions of someone who could harm me very terrible!! But thanks heaven that will never happen... ahhhh i feel very well now ,and also hoping never see it around here never more
  11. Don't watch the VSFS tonight,without Adriana it won't worth it
  12. Mmm Not exactly,cuz mine is Adriana with the bettest and more beautifull face in the world Are u injured??
  13. ^Same here and thanking him for passing to me copy of his beta emulators
  14. Not at all ,Just Adriana Lima Are u planning a trip to somewhere??
  15. Testing beta emulators for the PS3 & Xbox 360 ....hell yeah!!!
  16. Done, more easier to vote in this site is now.
  17. ^Same here..i wasted 5 years of my life having faith..and what for? At the end ...nothing.
  18. Thank you ,good memories i remember exactly by that date on May 23 2005, i was making a big drawing of her which i still keeping in perfect shape like new.
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