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    Fresh Faces New and different looks... Want an honest opinion on your looks? I have the eye to let you know. I'll give you a free photo analysis. Message me for more info.
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    Eva Mendes does have some sexy feet. She should show them off some more. http://imageshack.us/f/213/index2a97a0hs8.jpg/
  2. Tell Me About It

  3. Happy Birthday Ether Queen, hope it's a Great One!

  4. Take this man's advise to heart. Love your cute 34A's. Women are always getting picked apart about this and that and the size of your breasts are right up there. I'm glad your not considering inplants. Small breasts have character and stay where they belong longer. When you get older you will never have to regret messing with them. I love small breasts. Use some of the hints and tricks that others do and smile at those cute 34A's.....
  5. Hi Marie, I would need more information to help you, like type of computer, operating system and when did it close down? On start-up? browsing? I build computers and can probably help you out... -J-
  6. Happy, Happy Birthday...

  7. Happy Birthday to you...

  8. Happy Birthday to you...

  9. Happy Birthday to you.....

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

  11. Happy Birthday

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