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  1. That's not true. Nataniele knows about this thread and she wants her personal photos posted here. She would probably do it herself if she was smart enough. Hey, whether she's posting them or someone else, its NOT a good idea for there to be so many personal pics on a public forum. Remember dear, she's the only one giving her real name/identity. Everyone else's is assumed and most likely false. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. And she's still a kid. Just because she's modeling doesn't make her actions any less immature; just ask Miley Cyrus. Post enough personal stuff and someone's gonna be able to identify a landmark, a building, etc, and she can find herself getting unsolicited and unwanted attention.
  2. She's a cutie. And w/o a lick of make-up. Just think of what she's gonna look like in professional shoots. Good luck Michelle!
  3. Here's a couple of pics I found @ fashion directory; another just off the web. I like her look. Not cookie cutter like so many other models/actresses on the scene nowadays.
  4. :p Thanks for the info!!!!! That is awesome news.
  5. finally pinpointed who she reminded me of in this pic, Brooke Shields (circa blue lagoon). Pretty girl. Nice change from the homogenous slavic girls that the agencies so favor currently.
  6. her eyes are a pretty color but i have to agree with others, she doesn't look much like miranda and I can't say that I find her all that attractive. But, maybe better shots are needed. glad she got past the bullying though.
  7. thanks Mikerw for posting new pics of this goddess. not sure why she's not more popular but I join you as a card carrying member of the Herika worshiper's club! Gawd, she's gorgeous.
  8. :drool: WOW!!! Heartstopper. She is gorgeous.
  9. Matute, many thank you's for posting the Next pics. She looks absolutely exquisite. I truly believe she's the next Iman.
  10. Africa is made up of loads of countries, and there are hundreds of different languages spoken, but Charlbi is from South Africa (Cape Town to be specific),the more Westernised country, she definately speaks English (as white people do in South Africa), and there is also no such language as africana, and Dutch is also not spoken here. All white people in South Africa speak English
  11. gawd, cute girl but not sure about all those swimsuit shots with a girl so young. she doesn't look older than say 14 in those shots.
  12. Be still my beatin' heart!!! Courtesey of Leonardo and Slow Jamz over at TFS......
  13. Gawd, she's gorgeous. Her bio says ethnicity is Italian but I'd think she's got some african blood also.
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