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  1. encantador

    I Am...

    I am writing a letter. Idk what's gotten into me.
  2. encantador

    I Am...

    finally replying to Lay Dee.
  3. Thanks B :)*

  4. Thank you sweetheart*

  5. Thank you soulmate <3

    I didn't know that :)

  6. That's ok :) hope to ttys too.



  7. Happy holidays, hun! <3

  8. You named her Chloe? The most beautiful name ever <3

    Merry Christmas, TR :*

  9. I hope so too. Merry Christmas :*

  10. I'm fine. :D miss u, girl! How are you?

  11. & you stil have that shifty face...rofl! :P

  12. love love love your pic!!!!

  13. Just in case you're wondering, I'll reply to you asap! In the evening or tomorrow. I have a train to catch now sooo...off i go :D :*

  14. How did the gig go? wait...more than a month ago?? I can't believe the date of your last comment...OMG it seriously felt like two weeks, not a month.

    How are you?

  15. Great, how are you? :)

  16. I saw what you posted on Layla's profile. You're performing tomorrow? That's awesome. You play a guitar, right? I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck!! <3

  17. I've been fine:) My courses start this Monday. How about you? Anything new?:D

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