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  1. Glamour cover in really bad shape but what a face! Beautiful
  2. US Vogue 1989 (either Feb or May, I can't remember)
  3. I hate to bring this up but... can Rosemary be moved back to models? She's not an actress. Thanks
  4. Beautiful covers Jal, thanks!!!! Joanna Pacula
  5. Hey Red! I think these were on your disc. If you haven't found out already, they are from Bazaar Jan '83.
  6. I'm having the problem with the "missing images" when I click on the thumbnail but I am seeing them as thumbnails. The post #1771 took longer than normal to load for me.
  7. Sorry if repost US Vogue Sept '85
  8. Kate - thanks so much for the new pics! I agree, I don't think I've seen any of these here yet. I don't suppose you have the magazines and can put the rest of the articles for both your posts on? Just thought I'd ask. I enjoy reading the articles when possible. Bazaar May 1984 I'll have to look for the other one - I don't have the magazine anymore I just ripped out the article.
  9. Hi Kate40, ...Is this article from US Harpers Bazaar? hi kate 40 ! can you please post the rest aof the article? Here you go! Bazaar May 1984
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