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  1. nniiceeeee avatar :)

  2. DAANNNNGGGGG.......she's on fireee man :woot: :woot:
  3. hahhahaa Sabriana. Geez people on here need to calm down..damn.
  4. I photo shopped it loonnggg long time ago! and she looked..normal.. All I did was burn her eyes into a black shad. mmm..I'll do it again later!gottt to get to school
  5. My god, she's so lovely! the outfits are looking mad hot! Seems as if there taking back their style to the old days Proof on Adri's second picture. The top looks as if it was from the 80's or something, the style mm.. Awesome!
  6. Thank you ssooooooooo muchhh Natashka :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
  7. omgosh thats exactly what i've been waiting for, something in common with you HAHAHA! :p BxC sounds sexxyyy!! yes girls girls girls are finnee ;] I dated three bitches :))

  8. aww LUCCKYY i didn't go to schoolio today, cause I had 3 appointments x_x ugh! well at least i was absent on a thursday rather then any other day, i can make up all of the missing assignments on the weekend :)

  9. YES, CAUSE ALL THEY CAN SMELL IS ASS? Am I right when I say teachers should shoot kids that talk back?
  10. Mm depends on what you did the night before :brows: Am I right when I say high school musical is highly GAY?
  11. I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? she got her own house, she got her own car, two jobs, work hard
  12. aww :( This one chick yesterday in my math class told the teacher "if I had a gun i'd shoot all yall' teachers" and my teacher said "you know thats a threat?" and he called security on her ahh o_o scarry! xD

  13. Ermm... Go put some eye-liner to cover up and then lean like a chola (Y) Goodluck!
  14. I love my skin completion..I don't need a tan
  15. I was a playboy bunny in 6th grade lmfao! damn..what year was that
  16. Waxing: hurts like a mother Shaving: Is less painful, unless your clumsy as I am.. Plucking: Arghh.. is annoying!! But for my own advice I always wax, its pain at once!!
  17. 100% yess!! :yuckky: Am I right when I say that lesbian's are hot?
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