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  1. He has an amazing facial structure
  2. mustafaisb


    Either the Spurs or the Suns will win the title. It will interesting to see if the Celtics can beat the single season record of 72-10 set by the 1996 Chicago Bulls. I definately think the Celtics might be able to pull it off.
  3. Some more pics He is my favorite model at the moment
  4. Some more pics for Sirena and irenistiQ.
  5. Some more pics. I would upload more of his pics, but I'm just uploading the ones he looks very good in. If anyone requests for me to put up more of his pics, I will.
  6. I posted this in model IDs thread, and finally I stopped being lazy and searched for the model and found out who he is. Kourosh Sadeghi -model view photos BIO: 21 yrs old, Los Angeles California Kourosh never had any intention of modelling but had simply posted some of his photos in an online community website where he was discovered by BODAZEY.COM. Encouraged to go into modelling, he decided to sign up with an agency and completed his first photo shoot in Spring of 2006. His youthful and healthy appearance is sure to keep him busy with many projects to come.
  7. This is most probably the most best pic of him. He looks very very beautiful in this pic.
  8. mustafaisb


    Unbelievable! Didn't think it would be done.
  9. 1. Ehab Nouri 2. Doug Pickett 3. Brad Pitt 4. Louis Prades 5. Jeremy Dufour 6. Tyson Ballou 7. Jon Passavant 8. Gabriel Aubrey 9. Garret Neff 10.Daniel Craig The pic is of Ehab Nouri
  10. This guy is of Iraqi origin. Anyone know who he is?
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