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  1. he's got a girlfriend. now it's too late for me, too - gosh. i'm brunette too, hey mathias. lol the vid is awsm. no words could tell. but, either way - i found this one, i really don't know, if it's already posted. from modelhommes tumblr. is modelhommes down, btw?
  2. are there more shoots of this hotty? *.*
  3. haha, i wanted to post these pics from h&m, today too. because i saw those wonderful pictures, when i was looking through the catalog in the morning. well, mathias made my day [yesterday xD]. he's such a goodlooking man, i can't believe it *.* @ linkenfels i think i know you, but i really don't sure about it. do you have an account in the csb? (if you're there, you know what i mean xD)
  4. xD well, why not? mathiasists, sounds great! no, i guess there wasn't a fashion week or something like that. but i saw a man, with this great trousers from the gucci shoot, and a this gorgeous (*_*) hair. anyway, he wore sunglasses xD i was on the phone with a friend, and said : "oh gosh, darling, mathias lauridsen passed by" and stared at him, because i couldn't believe it. well, kinda strange x)' btw - gr
  5. hello there, and greetings from germany most of the things i want to say, don't come easy in english, so i hope you understand it anyway. wah *_* mathias is such a good-looking man, and getting more faboulous day by day. if mathias was a god, i would join the religion. xD ( and these words are coming from an atheist, of course) well then, the last few years i spent my time looking for him (and did anybody know if he where in leipzig/germany last summer? i know, this is impossible, but i don't get it out of my mind - i thought i saw him in the city o.o - and no, i don't mean the gorgeous posters from the h&m campaign xD) away from that - mathias does a perfect job, he's these kind of human, who get the talent to change hisself in different ways. never boring, but always new, different -- mathiasisch x) there are no words, which could tell, how perfect he is, with every facet he share to the world. i give the shirt off one's back, if i could meet him someday :3 talking about his art-drawings, or his job, dreams, personal things - such stuff, he wouldn't tell in an interview eather way x). and munichmarty - i share your fascination ;D mathias is at least the best model ever, and also an very interesting person. did you ever meet/ see him?
  6. hello there :3 i found some pictures on this page from peter gehrke click me. and the guy next to the picture with mathias lauridsen sparks interest in me *_* here you go with some screened pictures . does anybody know his name? btw : my english isn't that good, anyway i hope you understand me xD
  7. hello everyone (: i'm looking for that picture in a bigger version : help? and by the way : mathias is
  8. ahhhhw <3 he's so beautiful are there more pics of him?
  9. Anyone knows? Modeling for JIM HJELM Page for more Pics : http://www.jimhjelmoccasions.com/dress_db_...hp?imageno=5801 Thanks for Help
  10. Does anybody know?
  11. aye look here : http://www.symages.co.uk/JossAsh/Model.htm
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