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  1. Eddie Wrey FM Model Agency MOT Models Red Models New York 6'2
  2. I watched the show and just have to know who he is!
  3. She is stunning!! She is way underated because she's right up there with all the other supermodels.
  4. She is the most beautiful ever!! WOOOWW!! She beats Gisele by faaar! The only other model who is just as beautiful is Adriana!
  5. Beautiful! They have beautiful kids, Zion's nose and many of his features look like his mommy's and the 2nd baby's eyes are gorgeous.
  6. She's so beautiful, I love her face! Much better than Jessica Stam.Gemma Ward.Lily Cole all those fugly alien faces. Thais is a natural beauty and her face is proportional.
  7. Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana, Liya Kebede, Natalia Vodianove and Ana Beatriz Barros...
  8. ohh yes and what do I think as beautiful, usually..Big blue/green eyes. Healthy skin/hair. Full lips. Nice face shape. Models: Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana, Karolina Kurkova, Ana Beatriz Barros, Megan Ewing, Lonneke Engel, Laetitia Casta, Fillipa Hamilton Palmerstiena, Carolyn Murphy, Liya Kebede, Tyra Banks, Natalia Vodianova...... But there are always exceptions.
  9. and I agree with some other posters, beauty is in the eye of the beholder + every race has beautiful people. I grew up in Africa and I think black people are gorgeous, (I'm not black) I guess it comes from what you are used to and how you know the people. The asian women that I have known around here are complete princesses and I don't find them pretty at all BUT I have some other asian friends and I think they are beautiful...
  10. why thank u jennka! lol lol you´re soo welcome it´s true :DFrankly, no eurpean woman has that special "something" that asian woman has. I disagree. I live in Korea, I see asian women everyday. Nothing special. Asian women are beautiful, especially phillipino/thai/japanese. But they aren't better looking than european women.
  11. Thanks for the pics! She is so beautiful and very versatile. I love her eyes!!!! :heart: :heart:
  12. Julia Stegner Shes actually pretty . Lily is a fugly alien.The different Lily faces : A. B. :shock: C. :| D. E. F.
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