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  1. I agree, Flavia's ass looks sqaure shaped and saggy lol Angela x3
  2. Tyra x3 - Just a thought...if this round is about the ass, might want to show better pictures of it, cause with Tyra you really can't see much.
  3. Rarely... if ever would I vote for a VS commerical, but however hot Scarlett may look rolling around half naked, Bob Dylan just does it for me. Not a fan of Adriana, so I'm just going to ignore her and focus on Bob. VS get's my vote.
  4. Damn... Don't get me worked up or anything... And hey, just because I drunk dial you doesn't mean you have to share what I tell you with everyone... Oh wait nevermind you just throw me on speaker *stares* so mean. And.. hey not THAT kinky... just a little kinky. :whistles:
  5. People, really Petra is gorgeous but judging by those pictures damn I know who I would want in the sack. Seriously, I'm not that kinky but I think Petra would be a little Vanilla for my tastes... I prefer my partners to be a bit spunkier... Hmm.... I almost think I may have said to much
  6. I believe she said in the next few days, could be wrong though.
  7. All I'm going to say is stfu nub, and don't use that avatar. You didn't make it, nor did you ask to use it, and lastely you didn't credit or even say thank you.
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