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  1. the makeup is a bit much
  2. is her official site going to be doutzenkroes.com she looks fantastic
  3. i dont know whether i should be scared or laughing when i watched this movie.
  4. i swear i'd kill to have her body.agh!!
  5. i remember in her recent interviews she said that she's in debt to bay for boosting her career. maybe her words got twisted. i don't know if it's just me but what annoys me sometimes about her is when she gives you a dead reaction at the end of interviews n smirk that she does... it errkks me i still like her though. as far as i know, she's still dating brian.. efron and fox :yuckky:
  6. that picture is NOT her!
  7. you can't have it..ahahah!!! here is the love bug http://i40.tinypic.com/2gxhdvl.gif

  8. hey joe! sorry for not responding to your msg. i havent been here in ages..do you still want the anime avatar? LOL!

  9. hello i haven't been here in ages
  10. congrats this is going to be the first time she would not be part of the VS show
  11. LOL!!! sure, as soon as i find it!!!

  12. if she does marry leo wouldn't she be the one to convert to his religion instead of the other way around?
  13. no prob the interview was quite hilarious esp. the "leo" part..lol
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