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  1. She wears a lot of dresses in the movie. They are all stunning when you look at them like this. What I understood was they had one original that they then made 23 or 24 copies of so they didn't ruin it. Too much 💦 isn't good for the fabric. I wonder what that kind of wardrobe would have cost at that time. Couldn't be cheap and you probably needed to marry rich to keep it going. I love the first dress she has when getting out of the car and that you can see how they become more free and flowy as the movie goes on. Deborah Scott did an amazing job. 😃
  2. A little obsessed with Deborah Scott right now. 😃 https://www.crfashionbook.com/culture/a14445164/titanic-costume-designer-deborah-lynn-scott/
  3. It amazes me every day how talented people are. To figure out that you want to do this and then do it. ❤ People in the comment section just saw Titanic and had the same idea but this lady beat them to it. 😃
  4. She definitely had a fun LA adventure where Leo was one part of it. It is seldom you heard this many good things mentioned at one time. I like people that can see beauty in the small things. 😃 "After the camera went click, Leo even asked if the photo turned out all right and thanked me. He smelled like sweet smoke and testosterone". Cute. 🙃
  5. I heard a question yesterday that went something like this: Ask them how they would feel if they never get to see you again. "You wouldn't have jumped"
  6. It is a full moon in Aries today and for someone with a Libra rising that would mean in the area of relationships. Not necessarily love but it can be. I found this article about how a man that has his Venus in Scorpio as Leo does would be in love if astrology is correct. https://www.luvze.com/venus-in-scorpio-man/ Anyone that has had a Scorpio man being in love with you knows that their favorite thing to say is "your mine" or "I never letting you go". Hopefully, he is a healthy Scorpio that makes it more playful than abusive and scary. 🙃 Even if scary intense come with them. I would agree with the no PDA for sure, not his thing. He would make it more known in a mysterious way. Show up with messy hair, no hat, that makes people wonder what he just did or go early from an event he was supposed to attend all night. Makes people guess where he is going and with whom. Be seen early in the morning in an area of town he doesn't have any official connection with and so on. I hope everyone has a good full moon experience. ❤
  7. I have a new found respect for James Cameron and the work he did to make the Titanic happen. The control you need to have on every little aspect of the production. It is an interesting part where he talks about deciding between emotional or facts. What needs to be shown for either part to step forward in the way you want to portray it. Showing more of Jack and Rose would touch people's hearts more than give room for the historical facts. So it wasn't just something that happened eighty years ago that no one cares about anymore.
  8. It must be an amazing feeling to write something that pushes people's emotions to such a high that it becomes iconic. Unbelievable that this score and song were so easily finished and snuck into the movie.
  9. Just because I think stuff like this is fun. https://pitchbook.com/profiles/investor/106310-53#overview I don't know if it is correctly updated. Right or wrong. That is a lot of engagement when you read it all in one place. We often only see it as one article at a time. I didn't see Polestar but that one could have been blurred out. He is so much more than an actor. The intelligence behind it all might be more than we can see. His wavy brown hair and piercing blue eyes have taken him only so far. 😜 Doesn't people always put his name on those quotes saying "Don't talk about your success. Show it".
  10. Leo talking about why he wanted to do Titanic. So much thinking for a movie many would have done anything to get and the success that followed after only dream of.
  11. Omg, this was so exciting 😃 I haven't seen her in recent interviews. Only old ones. I however loved to read that she never regretted turning Titanic down even if it would have made her as big as it did for Leo and Kate. She wasn't ready or made for that kind of stardom in her mind.
  12. I know I am Leo's biggest critic, with love obviously, but am I the only one thinking that it is ok to have an opinion about the environment when reading things like this? Everything comes with consequences and why would it be wrong to talk about it? I am sure they had the time of their life until the hangover the day after. But knowing the party peps. They usually take a shot and then continues. Fun idea tho to celebrate New Year's twice. You just have to travel. It does remind me of that 2021 comes to an end to.
  13. I haven't seen Marvin's room but I will. It is strange to listen to interviews where people ask about Titanic before the movie was released. "Be careful if James Cameron ask you to go under water". Can't believe she said that.
  14. I love this ❤ Leo is Libra rising and moon for everyone that doesn't know. He started to talk about changing your life and turning the wheel like on a boat. Then explained that he just watched Titanic. On Netflix I guess. 🙃 He also discusses later in the video why the boat crashed in the movie. Right before this scene. Who is being mentioned?
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