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  1. I don't think Leonardo's girlfriend is the only one jealous of that kind of public display of affection. Does anyone know how the Emmys went for her? Saw a picture of Kate on Social media and she looked stunning and happy.
  2. It must have been a traumatic experience for Romeo and Juliet to look into the love of their life's eyes but moments later be informed of the hatred that made it impossible. Innocently bored with life before. Lost in agonizing feelings after that, pulling them together no matter what. Belong to families that rather kill than put down their guns. Love is the most beautiful thing we have but is portrayed more tragic than pure in our days. I believe. To just love someone no matter what is a rare thing. Playing my piano helps me get out of my head when my intuition starts working overtime. Nothing more you can think about when your fingers need to hit the right notes. Strong intuition can be overwhelming sometimes. For me and everyone else. 🙃
  3. Surprisingly intriguing. The movie has a sweet and funny vibe to it that made it a little dirty now. 😂 But it has already been suggested that the hot professor gets it on with the talk show host. If I remember correctly. 🙃
  4. 😂 Be careful who you listen to. They can have some complicated solutions to simple questions.
  5. Oh, the music to Romeo and Juliet. ❤ You made me miss my piano now. I read that Shakespeare wrote R & J as a satire and wanted to indicate how deadly something can get even when no one had to die. Love makes people do crazy things. A random Twitter post a few years ago that asked people what they were thinking about a man answered: I am thinking about that Romeo and Juliet could have handled things differently. I thought that was funny. 🙃
  6. For anyone interested. Venus goes into Scorpio in a day or two. Our handsome man has his Venus in Scorpio and also Mars in Scorpio. This article explains a thing or two about it. https://astrologyanswers.com/article/venus-in-scorpio-ride-the-emotional-waves/ I am so in love with the deep Scorpio vibe and Sweet Libra thing he is. Scary as hell but then also really cute. Confusing. ❤
  7. I saw the teaser and think this movie is going to be so good and well received. I don't see the resemblance to the angry at himself for not being able to stop drinking trailer scene in Once upon a time in Hollywood and what looks like a panic attack in Don't look up. But I am always up for a discussion if someone wants to. 🙃 Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep. ❤ Adore the picture where he carries a purse, probably Meryl's, with such confidence everyone should have. I have never seen those two as a good match but for some reason they are. But I also love Meryl Streep and she can't do anything wrong in my world. ❤ That woman is from another planet of perfection in her work. https://ew.com/movies/dont-look-up-first-look-photos-teaser-trailer/ Leonardo, as always, is just brilliant on a new level. The anxiety that freaks everyone out 🙃 and sounds like an asthma attack. I admire him for his ability to portray it the way he does. It is not easy and it makes me more in love with him for it. Wish you all a nice day.
  8. An article that explains the water signs. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/a36108283/water-signs-zodiac-traits/ My oldest friend has the same placements as Leonardo has. Scorpio/Libra. She has more fire than he has but they have similar energy. She is the most beautiful person on the inside you will ever get to meet if you get close enough to see that side of her. And you only get close enough if you have good intentions. It takes her one second to see right through you. I would say the same thing about Leonardo. When my family had our country house we had our own well to take water from. Water sadly isn't a never-ending supply. We can run out of fresh water. If the well got empty it would stay that way until the day it rained and not just little but a lot. So we either bathed in the ocean to save water or we didn't bathe at all. As a child you love it but you don't see the seriousness of saving water. It was always a relief to get back to the city at the end of summer wherein our minds we didn't have to care about it. Skipping deodorant sounds like an intelligent thing to do. There is a ton of other options today you can use instead while smelling like roses.
  9. That is true. The downside of having people in our life is that we have to deal with less pleasant emotions when things don't go as we hoped. We can't control others but we can be aware of our reaction to a disappointing fact that is shown to us. Trust is tricky and takes time to build. That action and words are in balance with a commitment to make it work. We all come with flaws that can't always be changed. Which person is good for your mental health? I don't think we are as aware of that as we should be and have people around that doesn't help us build. Morgane is a good reader with a clear message of what many would say is a change in life. It takes trust in yourself to break something down so you can build it up with the right people. Leonardo is someone with a more emotional life than what exists for the immediate eye. You just have to look closer.
  10. From my experience, trusting people often comes from the ability to trust your intuition. Also to trust that you can handle when people let you down. That you can see it, accept it, make peace with it and move on. Trust lays in us. Not trusting means that you don't trust your own judgment of character. At least that is my take on it. ❤
  11. I was reading about Jupiter in Pisces that Leonardo has. It made me think of the person we all have in our life that meets a lot of people and all of them are nice and they always try to make you meet them. The "I just meet this person who is so creative and a really good person so you have to meet them" kind of friend. You on the other hand don't believe all people are good so you are more suspicious. 😂 https://www.tarot.com/astrology/planets/jupiter-in-pisces The hopeful that all have good intentions and want to do nice things. I am always the "no they are not" person that bums everyone out for not seeing the oh-so-small good in some.
  12. I saw This boy's life yesterday. It was more emotional than I thought growing up with an alcoholic stepdad. So I am well aware of how an abusive childhood can be with people that are supposed to take care of and look after you. I called one of my little sisters and she had seen it just a few weeks ago but told me she passed forward through the abusive scenes. Just for the memories not to show up again. This movie triggered them for both of us. As a child, you are completely in the hands of someone that has the power to control you, and then they missus that in just a horrible way. Robert Dinero is amazingly creepy and does the part of hovering over you well but in the end, shows how pathetic and weak he truly is. It is a slow movie and I was surprised by the choice the mother makes in the end. That doesn't happen in so many cases including my mother. (I found it on Youtube and rented it there.)
  13. ❤ He has strong Scorpio placements so he will always be a mystery no matter what he does. That alluring hidden side that he just is. Scorpios are the enigmas amongst us. Yeah. I liked it too. Mostly because it made me interested in the topic but then swished to "how can we fix it". I am a huge fan of innovations that show what humans are capable of figuring out if we just know what is going on. We have to talk about it and Leonardo does just that. He certainly caught my attention.
  14. This was the documentary that changed my perspective of him. I kind of thought that it wasn't much more of him than the regular "Hollywood" thing. One of my family members informed me that he was passionate about it too. I don't think we have yet change anything with the climate but this documentary made me aware that we had a problem. And still has. So thank you Leonardo 😘. The latest report they talked about on the news said that it didn't look good. But when does it ever?🙃 I would suggest anyone that hasn't seen the documentaries about climate to balance it out with some happy ones. So you don't get depressed about the dom and glom in the message.
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