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  1. What I believed happened was that Brian's intention probably wasn't clean at all. Men like that have a way to move, behave and handle things that do put a mark on the kids they are with. Even if nothing ever happens. If the intention is to grab something one day they work for it to become easier for them. Who knows if Brian had intentions to make anything of his weird thoughts and if the Universe stopped him when it came to Leo? Someone might have walked in or Leo's mother was present when she wasn't supposed to. Brian comes across as not that brave. Any obstacle could have been enough for him to back off of anything he has set his intention on. This is just speculation and someone else might know exactly what happened.
  2. "We are trying to create something different". I love Hugo. Fantastic movie. ❤
  3. I wish people forgive and forget that easily. 🙂 then I wouldn't spend an endless amount of time listening to my friends talking about heartbreak and weird relationships they can't let go of. That Zayn requested her to stand up for him is the same pity party others have displayed recently. I would say that Gigi needs to stand up for herself. That whole drama is a wound since she was a child and her mother kind of "sorry to be blunt" humiliated her publicly with things she said. People still joke about it. Her mother was part of this drama too. Instigator, provocative, or plain innocent. Who knows. Now it became totally unrelated to Leo.
  4. Ahh, the PR people stepping in and saying "it has to look good for the papers" 🙃 and I am already bored. ❤ When something is dying you need to grieve and learn to let it go with love.
  5. I don't think her relationship with Zayn is dead but it is dying. Healing takes time and not so much holding onto another person as dealing with your emotions about them. He is the father of her child so she needs to learn to put up boundaries and communicate with him in a way that works for her. She is smart and will figure it out. And for all this drama with Leo, my standing is still the same: stay away from it. I don't think that will be tho. There is something in this that she and her team wants. PR or not.
  6. I think Gigi thinks the power couple thing is her lot in life but I don't think so. Maybe when she gets older that will happen but advice from someone that has been through serious heartbreak. Have a few guys you honestly juggle until you know them and who will be there for you no matter what. No secrets, excuses or explanations. He does what he says he will do. Until you find the one that do focus on your work. Or go for girls if that option is more alluring. ❤ I like Gigi but the heartbreak thing isn't her best look. She really should snap out of it. But obviously, I am not considering PR at all here. Just her emotional life. I have no idea what looks good and couldn't care less either. Lainey was Interesting to read. She sounded so angry and took things too personally. 🙃 Maybe you are right and she is feeling betrayed. Believed the story told to her. But when you are around 50 shouldn't you know better?
  7. I saw that Ant had done a read on him and Gigi a while ago. Entertainment only as he says. No fact. I like the: Why do we keep him around? Becouse he is pretty? I know the D.ck game isn't that good sis.😂 Even if that guy isn't much to trust I do think she has a lot to work on with herself. No PR in the world will fix that. They are both pretty but that didn't help much. ❤
  8. I read Lainey today and I don't think she likes Leo that much. 😂 The way she writes about him comes off as she thinks he is trouble, choices the wrong women, and has mommy issues. "They are all the same!" 😂 What? Doesn't different haristyles count with her? I don't know what she is refering to other then the job. Maybe she knows more than she tells. But I wonder if she has one point correct and that is that other news has saved Leo in the past weeks. In this case, she pointed out Adam Levine and his scandal but I can count a few more news or scandals that came in between Leo, and complete fall. Even if I personally think that his reputation isn't that good but it has never been that good either. For me, it was nothing different. Lainey seemed to be annoyed that other news was more interesting than Leo and his "doing the same thing all over again".
  9. c2b882945839f735300701f1261e98d4.mp4 This showed up on Tiktok and for some reason, I see Leo's PR people as the lady sitting on the bench. Everything was so controlled. 😂 What happened? 🙃
  10. Nah I think he wants to fight. He probably reacts more to what Gigi is doing than he wants everyone to know. As long as no one else is letting go of their relationship then it is easy to get back at each other with shady things. Even if they feel like they have justice on their side. Or he wants the PR too. 🙃 I never rule out the PR thirst in people. Does anybody know if he has a project coming out shortly?
  11. I think we all got that there isn't much happy co-parenting going on. 🙃 But I think she holds on to the dream that it would be. Girls usually do while the guy does shady stuff. Can people get back together even after something like that? Yes, I believe they can but after some serious soul-searching as Gisele would put it. But for now, Gigi is probably alone in her co-parenting. ❤ All the love to her for it. I hope she doesn't regret her earlier post too much. Guys aren't worth it. I hope she be as savage as this: So to the other PR story that is starting to get funny. Like high school material but neither is sleeping or has slept with the leading star of the show. Who is Leo sleeping with or has slept with for the last years you might wonder.
  12. Uhh, the shade of unfollowing when you are clearly happily co-parenting. That had to hurt. Guys will always be guys.
  13. Many different ways of reality. Marty is a smart man. I like listening to him. ❤
  14. Sounds like me, myself, and I pity party coming from that family. I think Kim K's little rant of: Get your ass up and work. Would suit well to that article they put out. They might want to take some advice from other women in the business.
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