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  1. HUGO BOSS TV presents HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxatUS26Tdk :drool: :drool: .
  2. First version of the Hugo Boss video on www.hugoboss.com/de/en/blog/
  3. Boss had a problem with the livestream. I complained and the promised to load it up onto youtube very soon .
  4. from Boss facebook : A personal message from the HUGO Menswear designer Bart de Backer - Watch the live stream of the HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012 tomorrow at 01:30 p.m. (CET) online on http://bit.ly/A5yTj0 or mobile on http://bit.ly/vtzEB1 !
  5. Sometimes I love the Germans! Guess Mathias was invited and maybe he is doing a campaign for Boss! We should pray !!!!
  6. WHISH YOU ALL MERRY XMAS ! HAPPY HANUKKAH ! OR what ever you celebrate !
  7. What a pitty you found Mathias so late . I was lucky to became his fan when he was doing the Gucci adds and was on 16 shos during fashion week. But that´s some time ago. He is not opening a business with his friend , not at the moment. But you never know. When he said this he got his old friends in Copenhagen. Now he got lots of new friends who work in the fashion biz as stylists, photographers etc. . Think he is going to find a job somewhere in the fashion biz not as a fashion designer or model. As you already said, his artwork is amazing ! would like to see more. About younger models: don´t know who it was but a guy who seemed to be 14 in an expensive suit looks a bit ridicolous. But before Mathias I was not interested in models neither male nor female. I amsure Mathias is making a great career . If we are lucky a bit more public but I fear our shy guy is doing a lot of great work and we don´t even know.
  8. A few ears ago Mathias said in an interview for world fashion Tv that he is the "old man in the game" . I don´t look for new male models since they got 16 year old guys who look like 14 :yuckky: . Maybe he is to old for the biz or he is going to do something else. As he is very discreet and up to now never answered our questions which included questions about his future plans we will not know. But I guess he started to work somewhere else but I am not sure. But I am sure that he is not sitting at home waiting to be booked by someone. I also miss him and would like to see more of Mathias
  9. hope he is doing Gucci again. We should not expect to much.
  10. Sorry, was not here for a while because I was ill. The picture was taken after a fashion show , can´t remember which it was but try to find out. But we got some very cute pics of Mathias smiling ! Maybe I shall post them on my blog.
  11. photoshop picture of the year but ...... :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. Thanks Fashion icon ! It´s not a repost :drool: :drool: ! I totally agree with him
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