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  1. Mathias is my one and only model. He is the reason for being in this forum without him I would not care about the whole damn fashion industrie.

  2. Hi !

    Thanks for the Yoda :-)



  3. Hi NIc,

    not so good time.

    Now as the summer started I got a lot of work and still don

  4. Hi Nic,

    Hope you are okay.

    Kiss Munichmarty

  5. HI Nic,

    Not enough spare time, hope you got enough time to dream of Mathias :)

  6. Glad that you are here again.

    I missed you!

  7. Hi Sheared ,

    I got 2GB pictures of Mathias. It

  8. Hi Sheard,

    Glad that you are here now!

    Thanks for posting. You also seems to have a huge collection.



  9. Hi unfaithful ,

    you are still aloud to post pictures of Mathias :-) .

    Hope you are okay.



  10. Actually I got two photobucket accounts, one for Munichmarty and another for Franky F. :-) but I was not careful about the uploads. Think I need a third account ;-)

  11. Hi ,GNTM- normally not, because it

  12. HI,

    Great start of the year, I love fashionweeks with all the great pics of Mathias.

    Hope you are okay and hope the weather near Stuttg. is warmer than here in Munich

  13. Hallo M--,

    I always forget to check the comments. Thanks for the greetings, hope you had a good start into 2009.

  14. Great that you got the lacoste catalogue now !!!

  15. Hi CarMelita,

    Fusiili geht es gut, mu

  16. Also a big KISS from me !

  17. Hi Nic,

    Your new avatar is great. It

  18. Sorry Suzy,

    SAw your comment just now. Sorry I am not Asian- I am pure German- dark blond hair green eyes...

    But there are a lot of fans from Asia here.



    ( Martina)

  19. Hi Steven,

    are you still, alive. Me and Mathias are missing you :-(



  20. When I saw the pics of L.S. I thought you would like him and as you are such a nice guy I thought I post him especially for you.

  21. I am looking forward to see HQ pics of Number Nine ;-)

  22. Hi Helen I was working on Saturday and had no time yesterday, but I will try to send you a message today.


  23. Hi M---!


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