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  1. It was off, and the smirnoff can looked photoshop in the clip. Oh well, I know for a fact she earned a lot from just posting...they were lucky to get a supermodel to promote
  2. I completely agree!! She looked like her young self in the story she posted in the denim jacket and her opening a PR package, I think they should just put light make up on her and call it a day. She's naturally beautiful, she doesn't need it
  3. I swear...the fact that MUAs and stylists manage to put strange make up and styling on the most beautiful girl in the world is beyond me. Like nobody can get it right for some reason these past few events/campaigns, her face saves all the looks and would look terrible on other models otherwise. The campaign was supposed to be a summer thing, but they dressed her in like this purple office like dress in her story ads...like couldn't they have made her wear a caftan or something bohemian looking at least? they should've just let her hair down too
  4. wait why did she delete the photo edit: oops sorry apparently you have to approve your age before viewing smirnoff's content lol; here's a link to the ad: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNLy6I7lN0w/
  5. I'm so happy she's back! and she looks pretty in the photo she just posted too
  6. I love how versatile her generation of supers is. You have doutzen, adriana, liu wen, joan ++, so professional, they make everything classy; I think Adriana did well in HF considering she was literally the face of VS. She can pull off sultry and mature which serves her really well, unlike the new crop of VS girls that look very "girl next door". I particularly love her Marc Jacobs campaign...it was so Adri. Also, I think people tend to forget that she started in HF...she did a lot of runway before she started doing commercial jobs
  7. I just realized that Adriana's rate is probably super high esp with her status and name recognition. I think it would be hard to book her considering all her campaigns are long contracts. Also when you think about it, what hasn't she done at this point...she has had fragrance, jewelry/watch, sports, and cosmetic campaigns amongst many others. It's crazy how illustrious her career is
  8. They still follow her though, so i wonder what's going on with her agency situation. modeling is going through a rough patch though so I think a lot of models are having a hard time booking right now. The VS models in particular are probably feeling the strain rn
  9. true, idk sometimes I get the vibe that Adri has a strange social life. she gets a long with everyone but also seems to have a hard time staying friends with people. even people that seem to love working w her, she just doesn't rlly reciprocate..just an assumption tho, maybe she's going through something so I could be wrong
  10. Yes, I think it looks a lot more professional now. I'm guessing it's also a social media strategy, most celebrities try to follow people who are within their industry only
  11. You're absolutely right. I didn't even notice the Gigi thing until you mentioned it, I also think Gigi's aesthetic or look was more popular during 2015-2018...the same goes for Cara who had so much hype for some time. There are so many new gen models that I've been following whose come-ups are quite exciting such as Luna Bijl (I adore her), Meghan Roche, Cara Taylor, Mona (who is everywhere), Fran Summers etc. I don't know if they'll ever have as much mainstream success as the brazilians, russians, neos, 90s supers...but I'm happy they're getting a lot of work right now. Another thing I notice
  12. Have to get this off my chest, I'm quite annoyed that they keep putting Kendall on the cover of Vogue. She didn't even try to pose in her most recent one, and I just find it really unfair that well-established models like Adri aren't given as many covers (I mean she has a LOT but it seems to me that these influencers are really taking over). This has nothing to do with Kendall herself but moreso her talent. Her job is to model, and it looks like she doesn't put any effort into it. People talk about how models like Natalia V get so many Vogues because of her rich husband, but models like Natali
  13. agree, hopefully in AD! Haha truly, she is one of the richest models and yet very simple
  14. same sentiments on this!! she looked like a real life Barbie in that pic
  15. loving her new posts, the photos are all tasteful and elegant!
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