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  1. never seen this but clothes seems so similar Madamme, and some Elle but its not. Congratulations, So nice to see something Ive never seen
  2. I only have the small pic thanks Alex
  3. is ther INSIDE magazine from denmark? Im looking for the renee and Helena ones. Any data?
  4. This is the closer Ive seen of the green wig. I was sent this photo cover as Renee but with the years I decided this was not Renee. But the only similar thing I have. I still do not think is Renee the one of the Photo. and the make up is different
  5. Pints of pads/macys. I love this image. Never seen other ad of this serie. And I cannot believe thy spend so much money of such a top model for.. pads? Anyway Im grateful for this photo. Love Renee Hair Its from 1986
  6. Thanks for all the new photos. Anyone has a good scan of this Vichy ad. As far as I know is one of the photos I miss from Vichy, I had this photocopy and some days ago I found this on the net. Not sure from which magazine is. If anyone has more data will be welcome
  7. BEAUTIFUL. In argentina we had an sticker with this photo- I think Alex has something with this photo is very beautiful I will try this weekend to fix the scan so we can have it at least the best we can Thank you all for the scans; Calypso Miss Parker Armelle And vogue girl I also miss the UK THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE17,july 1983 This weekend Ill be back finaly to my RTS stuff And will back to you all that write me hugs
  8. No I do not know.. and its so beautiful. One of my fave and first videos I have. I need to find a way to convert all those videos because its a lots of stuff, old good one. This ones look to me more like a pattern magazine or catalogue but to tell you the truth Im not sure which one. Maybe they changed the necklace.. Ive been doing photography and that could happen. I will order my books soon and see if I find a similar thing, but Im sure you´d knowns ans you never stop getting stuff. But the others 2 are very rare, I mean Marilyn style and green wig. Dont know and do not reme
  9. Hola How are you ? I was wondering if any of you know where this are from? I had this video and cannot think or remember a thing about this for decades jaaa Thanks
  10. I think this is my scan, will see if I have it bigger
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