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  1. to be honest with you, I wasn't aware of the fact that me and Iren, we were a family :)

  2. Nvane

    Thank you! :)

  3. ..

    I'd love to hear how are you doing? Are you good? Happy? Anything you should share?

    Are you still active here at all?



  4. Hey,

    I've received an email form Bellazon today, that somebody has wrote me a comment wishing me a happy birthday.. I've logged in, saw your profile and ..I thought of writing something to you :0

    We've never been in some sort of connection or communication but I'd say there were some funny times back then when I was more active in this forum.

    I'd love to he

  5. Nvane

    Pamela Anderson

  6. It's all normal. Tell me one championship, that has been straight and without any surprises, that's why I'm telling it's not nothing new!
  7. R, should be the R in BeRno , anyway..seems to be a gangsta
  8. Nvane

    I Am...

    I'm eating a croissant for breakfast (very late breakfast)
  9. Well, the Euro is not going very surprising if you ask me. There's always some surprises, it's just normal (like the one yesterday). Russia totally outplayed Netherlands, congrats to the guys.
  10. Hello Everybody! It's possible that some of you will recognize me, but it's possible that anybody will! I've been here before, but last months I've had some very tough times - a lot of work, university etc.. So I'll introduce myself again : I'm Nikolay Vanchev, born 27.01.1988 in Bulgaria and I'm still living here! Currently a Visual Communication Student in New Bulgarian University (in Sofia) and I'm a graphic designer (if you feel interested, you can check my portfolio - www.nufabric.org, I also have a blog there - www.nufabric.org/blog that can be a decent read) I've worked several months in some design studios, but at the end I've decided to be a freelancer, and that's what I'm doing right now. Aside from all the projects, I'm an Art Director of Totally Erected (www.totallyerected.net) - Aesthetic fashion collectived based in Sofia, but selling clothes in London, Berlin etc.. My personal collection was released yesterday, so I'll post some photos of it in the future!.. Mm, what else..I've some experience with modeling, I've been shot for Drago & Rado (I've a billboard with them, on the main fashion street in Sofia), Versace, Capasca and some more for their Bulgarian appearance. I guess that's all, if you need more, don't mind to ask!
  11. Can I come back ? iren
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    Justice & Uffie - The Party
  13. i suppose she'll be pleased see me back
  14. It looks like the crash of the site have made my old account disappear. Well here am I again, I wont write anything more since most of you already know me irene ive missed you!
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