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  1. 2 salmon and peanut sallad and one coke and one water. (for me and my brother)
  2. Miranda Panda is really cute there but i will go with Valentino
  3. my brother wants to have a peircing in his eyebrow but mum says he can´t until he´s 16 he is so mad at her right now. Hahahaha
  4. Elza

    Designer jeans

    I´m also in to wranglers western kind of jeans. So comfty
  5. Elza


    I know that Uggs is a big fashion miss. but i just looove them. So comfty and i think they are so cute too. so i´m gonna have them until i can´t. hahah.
  6. Elza


    I´ve orderd that one too. i guess it´s home right now waiting for my.
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