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  1. gorgeous pcs Angel Thanks.
  2. hey hun, im good just been busy lately. Yeah i love my gaspard set, in fact i just love gaspard :P

  3. haha thats one way to put it
  4. I totally agree too! He looks soo dangerously sexy...Mmmmm, there is something about a guy in a suit!
  5. your welcome hun I have to say im loving the first pic the most. Sexy stare
  6. anyone else super in love right now?
  7. GQ Japan- October 2007 Posted by Dongee @ MH
  8. yea theyve been posted before but I gotta say I definitely dont mind seeing them again
  9. Mmm... pretty! Thanx faget!
  10. im def keen to nominate kevin next time around. Im guttered i missed out on the nominations the first time around. But ahwell... Yay for nominating kevin!!
  11. ack... i think ive been away far too long. But im loving the pics faget thanx. That first one is drool worthy, I love how casual he looks and having kevin in the background is an added bonus!!
  12. wicked pic thanx for that
  13. NICOLAS X3!!!!!!!!!! without a doubt. Its not looking good for Nico tho
  14. CANDIDS!!!! Kevins such a cutie he always seems to be surrounded by girls
  15. NICOLAS X3 it would be sooo much more if i could vote that many times!
  16. i wanna split my votes! 1.5 each!!
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