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  1. Happy Birthday girl!

    Have fun in the party^,^

    5 stars for you;)

  2. New Polaroids Iconic Management
  3. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for the answer!
  4. ~~ Hi...just saw your user ID on the board and thought of The Smiths.:) ~~

  5. I can only assume this is a photoshopped picture. Can anyone tell me the name of the model? I would like to find an unaltered photo.
  6. Beautiful! www.dmanagementgroup.com There are also some pictures of her on folli_follie.co.uk that I'm feeling too lazy to grab.
  7. Marina Yachting marinayachting.it
  8. Inguna at Chanel Pre-Fall 2009!!! wwd.com
  9. Thank you, Tash! Graeme Black Spring/Summer 2009 style.com
  10. Figures. I wasn't sure, like I said. Sorry, everyone.
  11. Somehow I don't imagine that Snejana was 12 in that picture. "10 Years Later"? heh
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