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  1. chica, u always have cool new pictures. thanks a lot again
  2. yay thank you!! look at his elvis hair!!!!!!
  3. i keep checking the flickr but nothing has turned up in ages im needy hehe has anybody got anything else new?
  4. thanks so much. thats like finding treasure hehe
  5. thanks so much for them!!! theyre lovely. so this flickr account, how do u get there. im not sure how to do these things. sorry
  6. are there any more coming any time soon hehe id love some more candid ones if at all possible. he looks so naturally cool!!
  7. are there any more piccies coming anytime soon pweez?!
  8. i feel bad now for being needy and asking for them. sowwy ur all agitated hmmm i know what u should do...have a break, have a kitkat lol
  9. professionally taken stalker shots more like!!! lol i know ur game missy. u said it urself...you love the man (so much that you follow him around!!) hehe
  10. 800!!! wow im totally jealous lol altho 800 hmmm thats a lot. are some of them photos uve taken yourself from behind the bushes at night whilst he doesnt know ur there?! lol
  11. are there any more pictures coming soon. im craving some. i miss my bruno
  12. i think hes in the weird pink thing at about 1 minute 10 seconds i think thats all i saw tho of him
  13. btw has anyone else tried his brunoseasons website is it me or is a lot of it not working properly i was hoping to have a look around that, see if he had anything new put up boo, well ill rely on this some more then lol keep the pictures rolling in
  14. ooo some of those are indeed new im loving them!!! show us more hehe
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