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  1. from all the angels i like selita the most, i think izabel is the better version of ale. i just don't get adriana, ale, miranda appeals. karolina is all right. Well I heard that the reason ana bb has not become an angel is because her contract has end it for v.s. she's not working with them no more she just do their runway show. i think it is because she was doing J.LO and Intissimissi at the time when she also doing her v.s. work and i think is for this reason she stop working with v.s. i don't know i could be wrong. i think rosie and doutzen would be beautiful angels along with tori praver and julie ordon.
  2. i think tori praver would be a good v.s. model, she's full package. I also think candice boucher would be a great v.s. model http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?act...t&id=322924
  3. can't wait to see those pictures.
  4. is she going to be in the show dancing with the start?
  5. no i didn't even knew the girl and i always carry picture of doutzen in my wallet.
  6. i know i should off, but i'm a nice person. it happen in las vegas
  7. Thanks cypress, she looks beautiful like always. i saw a girl that looks like her, and i went up to her and i told her that she look like doutzen and she reply who's that bitch? i was she's a supermodel and she's not a bitch, and then i show her picture of doutzen, and then she said am i that ugly? i just wanted to punch her in the face.
  8. not trying to sound rude or harsh but i found sabrina not attractive at all, actually i don't find any of the angel attractive, except for heidie but i think she's old and needs to move on and be a mother taking care of her childrens. It would be great/awesome to doutzen as an angel she's the best looking model ever, she has the barbie look.
  9. well if you read the profile it say that she's 15.
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