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  1. Claudia Lion by herself (what an Honor!!) sent me a "threatening" message in IG accusing me to make money on her pics... The ones that asked, and received, the MEGA link can prove that I didn't ask money for this collection.. All this archive is made of pics found in many many different sites, completely public photos, free to anyone to watch and download them (if you want, you can search by yourself in TUMBLR, TUMBEX, FLICKR, YUVIDEOS, XSCENE, XHAMSTER, THOTHUB, REDDIT, PHICA, IMGINN, IG, FB and many other sites - there are all there) The Mega archive is a collection of all those pics found in all these sites, all together in one collection! P.S. The MEGA link is not even made by me, and is found allways updated in a Telegram group (that i wont mention).. it continues changing (now I can understand why it changes frequently)
  2. an you please delete my topics and posts? the photographer just wrote to me saying that they were published without consense.
  3. i wonder who's is going pay many € to get her gifts, in change of some of her photos anyyway... if someone is interested in her archive on MEGA messge me
  4. I created a great archive of her photos and videos 3000+ photos it's a MEGA link .. if someone is interested on the link just message me cause i don't know if i can put it here..
  5. i only think that serious models don't ask for amazon presents ... nor do they offer "special photos" for the ones who give them gifts... serious models get paid for modellin... but of cours it's only my opinion
  6. I was a great fan of her but When i saw this message (posted by her today in her IG stories) she losed my support!! i thaught she was a serious model but she’s as every other IG / patreon/ OF girl looking only for money
  7. These are from Davide Ambrogio (they aren't Playboy pics)... I posted Playboy 2016 pics in page 2..
  8. Can you Explain me how to spoiler please?
  9. Claudia Lion for Luca De Nardo 2015 Nudity
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