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  1. You know me,I had to do close ups of those great pair of legs :whistle: loved to have seen more leg (upskirt more) :drool:

    also looks good in heels :heart: post-14405-1199464618_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464678_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464708_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464736_thumb.jpg

    nice legs on a young Mischa post-14405-1199464804_thumb.jpg (gotta like the white socks/heels combination) :blush:post-14405-1199465017_thumb.jpg

    and mmmm all that leg showing! :whistle: post-14405-1199465100_thumb.jpg

  2. Today I was at Munich Central Sation. You get a lot of international press there. I got Dansk magazine ( Curiosity killed the cat), I posted the pictures from Oh danish boy, but now I got the originals. Last time I found the mag with the " Death in Venice" pictures. Maybe I get numero hommes in February- remember the hot pictures I posted yesterday.

    Faget : thanks for the backstage pictures and the gifs. The outfit from Perry Ellis is horrible :yuckky: , but we have Mathias comment on it.


    I think we totally agree !

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