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  1. I have quite a hair history. Brace yourselves :-P

    I have medium long hair, and naturally it's an incredibly dull shade of light ash brown. I was super-light platinum blonde when i was a baby, and it just got darker and darker as I grew up. My hair is very thick and naturally very frizzy and coarse. Not dry - just frizzy. I never used to be able to tame it and I hated it when I was young. I've always had to have long hair - at one point my hairdresser cut it too short, which was probably my fault to be honest, and I didn't wear my hair down for 6 months until it grew back. Then I had horrible layers cut by an ametur stylist and went back to being a hair recluse for the rest of the year. I went through a several year phase of having horrible experiences at the hairdressers and coming home crying.

    I spent quite a few years of my life wishing I was blonde again, and at one point I had regular blonde highlights put in. Then I managed to grow them out and went through a phase of wanting cherry red hair. I spent forever trying to find a particular non-permenant dye, and I couldn't find it in any shop for months on end, and when I finally did the phase had passed and I didn't want red hair anymore.

    Most recently, I've wanted to find the perfect shade of brunette, and it's been very difficult. I began by using a lovely smelling non-permenant dye which gave me the right colour, but I wanted something more long term. So I dyed my hair with a permenant colour in what I thought was the same shade - it looked it on the box - but it came out way too red for my liking. I thought this was because I'd chosen a cheap dye, so next time I went for a more espensive one by a different brand - with the same result. So most recently, I set myself out a plan. I bought two dyes - one permenant in a colour as close to my natural shade as I could get, and that original non-permenant that gave me the right colour. After applying those two, two weeks apart, I can safely say I'm THROUGH with permenantly dying my hair and have finally found hair zen. I want to grow it a couple of inches longer, have it slightly rounded at the back and minimally layered, so that there's no chance of getting a cut wrong. So, in picture form, we're talking:

    This cut.


    This colour.


    So I can do this with it on special occassions.


    I've finally learnt how to control (with the right products) and love my long, thick hair.

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