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  1. I totally have a crush on her she is extremely beautiful to me!!! thanks for the picsss
  2. Happy Birthday girl!

  3. Encaaa!!! How are you??? Im soo glad that u still remember me!!! muaaaaaakakakakka love ya

  4. From time to time I wonder how's my Lupecita doing :P I hope you're good. <3

  5. Ireeeeee!!!! Hellooo my loovE!! I miss youu babe hahahah nicee, I still lookin for that person that wanna enter with me to the graveyards hihihi mwaaak

  6. Thank youuu deaaar!!!!! I soo happy to read your mssage!!! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAK

  7. Happy Birthday sexy tall Venezuelan babe ;)

  8. Hey my sexy baby! How are you?! Everytime i pass by a cemetary, i thinQ of you! *kiss*

  9. 1. Amaia Salamanca (8) 2. Blanca Suárez (6) 3. Elena Anaya (10) 4. Elsa Pataky (9) 5. Paz Vega (4) 6. Penélope Cruz (9) 7. Almudena Fernández (6) 8. Eugenia Silva (9) 9. Inés Sastre (9) 10. Sara Carbonero (9)
  10. haven't seen you around here much anymore

  11. I miss you toooo! girl I haven't seen you for a long time!!! Write me on my thread or message me and tell me how you have been :D

  12. Destiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

    you're alivee =D

    I miss youuu

  13. ANDREINA!!! :D

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