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  1. Nice chubbyhunny..salamat 4 posting!
  2. if i see her on real life id literally FAINT..
  3. that elle cover is WICKED!!!! God must be very happy when she was born.
  4. http.//models.com/mdx owmygad shes so cutie cute cute!wish i was the damn dog.. <_<
  5. is that the new COVER?? wicked!!
  6. and concerning with her bf.. ugh..no comment... apparently,she prefers black men..WHY?!
  7. i dnt know where this came from..but i LOVE it..
  8. whos the girl?? she looks familiar.. P.S. those ads frm d&g are NICE!! superb... PLUS damn, she looks sizzling in make me a supermodel..
  9. Hello, what the fuck are you so shocked about me?? Now, now Be NICE people...be Nice.. anyway, nice place in there coco...
  10. SUUSMARYAkagusip!!!! AhHHH!!!
  11. susmaryosep @ VS show.. good times..
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