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  1. Thanks for posting the ID of this model. Over a year ago I posted a request in the “Model ID” section for her: https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/87985-1990s-sears-jc-pennys-and-paul-mitchell-model/ I hope one day somebody might post some of the pictures of Sophie from her Paul Mitchell ads, which were the last I saw of her in the 1990’s.
  2. Thanks fletch. Rayana Ragan is right on. When I ran her name, this image popped up on a search engine's image page. When I clicked on the agency's web site, the image was, curiously, not on the model's page. I think Angelina Petrova is a "mis" (I.D.-wise), but considering your great track record, don't give up!
  3. I concur with fletch. There's a resemblance, but JB's earlobes make more of a dip than the other lady. And fletch, thank you for your "you are welcome." (I forgot to put my "spasiba" in cyrillics!)
  4. For those interested, further research has revealed model Ashley Michaelsen to be a high probability for number six, above.
  5. For anybody who's interested, further research has found number four is Melia Constantin, a Cambodian-French model out of Phnom Penh.
  6. When I ran "Erica Toth", I came up with a different, younger lady. The one you found, obviously, is the "original" I had been looking for. Spasiba!
  7. nightowl, I’m glad you enjoyed the request! And fletch, you’re a wellspring of information, thank you! I’ve suspected, from other comments, that reverse image searches might be possible on the Internet (I’ve never tried it). After a bit of researching, I found out how to do it. The results are hit and miss, but I’ll try it before I submit future images. For this posting, #’s 2, 13, 14, 18, 19, 22 are spot on, I’d say. #’s 4 and 20 are possible. #’s 9, 23 and 24 I don’t think are matches (Little and Toth—at least the ones that come up on my searches, thanks to the names--are too young to have been modeling in those days).
  8. This trip down memory lane might be too far back to identify many of these models (mostly from print ads and catalogs). If so, enjoy the nostalgic trip!
  9. From 1966 comes this album cover, brunette beauty tempting every secret agent from the Roland Shaw Orchestra and Phase 4 Stereo (SP 44076). An ID for the Asian lady to the right would be nice, too. These are possibly UK models. Thanks.
  10. The first three are from the UK. The fourth is either UK or US. The fifth is US. The sixth and last is from India. Thanks.
  11. Thank you! An image search with this name produced a confirmation with the accompanying cover photo.
  12. And we have a winner for number five. Thanks very much!
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