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  1. Why give up ? It looks good. Did it yourself ? Not bad at all!!!
  2. I give up. Someone take it from here
  3. Thanks for every comment. Duly noted.
  4. here is another for what it's worth....(it's an ok scan I guess.) Will try another in a bit.
  5. I'll scan some more for you guys. Don't know if I'll get all in this spread.
  6. hey, we've never met, but i noticed today's your bday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

  7. Ok image sans text a one time deal and I'll leave you to ponder what could have been had I stayed.
  8. Here is another one. Once again I am sorry for the text over it.
  9. Thanks for the comments. So glad you liked it but the text keeps it off of ebay.
  10. Hello, Bellazon. My 1st post of my 1st scan. Sorry for the words covering it. I was told not to trust people so fast by my BF. He also taught me how to use my Epson V100 scanner. He says this scan is too large but I like them larger than life if possible. :-)
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