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  1. she was MS . Costa Rica back in 2014 I have just check it up ....
  2. she is 5'9 also and do some fitness coach and yoga teahing too , so modling is also part of her job way of living ...😄
  3. she still does part time modeling , Yea this image is about 7 years ago I think , any way this models is beautiful she really is , many thanks dear Kim ...😄
  4. I think she looks more as Hannah Ferguson she is also presented nude images in the sport Illustrated Issues ....😀
  5. Yes it is Anne de Paula , I have just check it out on the google by her name ID ....😄 many thanks to your afforts dear Sunshiine .
  6. Hey to every one does any one here can Identified this cutie brunette from the Miami fashion swimwear show in July 2017 ?
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