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  1. cagonzon

    Gaby Espino

    She actually already has a page in the Models Section... but you've posted a couple of newer pics here
  2. that's Luisana Lopilato next to her in those last caps.. I posted some pics from a photoshoot of the both of them a while back, when I started Luisana's thread.
  3. Wow, just saw her in Goya's Ghosts... she's really really good in this movie, I really recommend any fan of hers to see it, not just because you get sideways nudity and a quick shot of her bum, but she kills in her portrayal of two characters... The movie is a drama and stars Javier Bardem (The bad guy from "No Country for Old Men", "The Sea Inside") I think that what sets her apart from just a pretty face is that she's insanely hot, but she's an insanely good actress... (Star Wars movies notwithstanding... and this is a Star Wars geek talking, everyone in episodes I through III suffered from Lucas' wooden dialogue, may I be damned for admitting it)... I think her performances just keep getting better and better, in Closer she was finally recognized for her acting, and that movie with the guy from Scrubs she was great, and the one where she's pregnant and gives birth in a Kmart or something... not to mention V for Vendetta.. I seriously think she's my favorite actress, not just one of my favorite babes.. I really recommend you go rent Goya's Ghosts, it's quite a good movie.
  4. cagonzon

    Megan Fox

    LOL at Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz rules... Doesn´t anyone think that Megan could totally pull off Wonder Woman? .. I see her, especially in the first two close ups of her face, and I can imagine the crown on her head... haha.. so gorgeous..
  5. LOL just saw Tale From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood, again.. I had forgotten that Angie was the evil Lillith in that movie.. lol..
  6. cagonzon


    ??? .. LOL.. funny pic... I would like to be that kitten... especially if it was Adriana's decotellage (sp? my french ain't what it used to be..)..
  7. cagonzon


    LOL... those new pearly whites (which there's nothing wrong with) won't last long of she eats too much candy! hehehe.. she's so gorgeus.. how can people think that she could ever look less hot? What's funny is that if you'll notice, she capped her upper teeth, but her lower are pristine..
  8. cagonzon


    *snerk* That's quite the generalization and a moronic one at that. I wasn't born into a wealthy family or blessed with an outrageously high IQ, but after having graduated with a 4.2 GPA from high school and awarded several grants, I was able to attend one of the best American universities. Don't be stupid. yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of grants to go around for everybody who's a good student.. please, if you had understood what I was saying, you wouldn't have felt the need to call names, I was an excellent student as well, and I was lucky enough that I didn't need to get a grant to go to the university, but I know a lot of people who were excellent students who weren't as lucky as you, they didn't get the grants and scholarships because they were in a competition for them and they got the short end of the stick, and had to settle for community colleges. Any way you look at it, there are a lot of smart people who never get a chance to explore their potential because of sparse grants and the high cost of education in america. And look... no name calling... it's so amusing to see how brave people are on the web. Like George Carlin said: "Have you noticed that the further away from you someone is, the bigger the a-hole they are?" ..LOL. just to make this on topic. ADRIANA RULES, and yeah like Jas said, she's made it so far on her own credit, and you don't see her acting like a coke head or anything like some other supermodels... Kate Moss comes to mind.. I think she's on the right track, and I would bet money that she's the next one to get her own show like that Top Model thingy, can you imagine seeing Adriana on a weekly show? that would be great.
  9. cagonzon


    you know how you can tell a woman's hot? when she still looks good hammered at the end of the night... I'm pretty sure they're at the: "girl ... you know I loooooove you" "No, I looooove you more" part of the night in this pic.. She's sooo blotto in this pic yet still better looking than any other sober girl out there... lol... can you imagine a drinking game with her? yeah yeah.. I know.. drunk girls are fun.. drunk models must be even more so.. unless you're picking up the tab I'll bet.. . although I would probably give all my worldly possessions for a night out on the town with Adriana.. hahaha... you know you would too..
  10. cagonzon


    LOL... implying the american education system is the best? hahaha... yeah, that's why any foreigner with a university degree has a better chance of landing a job than someone from the states with a college education.. the really good education in america (which there is, don't get me wrong) is too expensive and elitist for the average joe... you can get the same or even better education in other places in the world much much cheaper... In any case, I agree with you, the fact that english is her second language is what makes her sound less articulate than a native english speaker.. If you heard her speaking in portuguese you would realize she's right around the average regarding intellect.. no rocket scientist, but not the village idiot either.. and I only speak a little portuguese myself... but it has enough similarities with spanish that I can make the assumption. and of course her silly faces are endearing... in that latest set where she's laughing you can practically hear her giggling.. so very cute..
  11. Cagonzon to the rescue! hahaha... I can't do it right now, but as soon as I have some time I'll translate the articles you posted ok? Not all at once though... Im right in the middle of exams ! as soon as I can..
  12. cagonzon


    hey! is it me? is it a reflection? does she have a tongue piercing? I know that when I had mine I used to play with it like she seems to be doing in this pic... or is it just a reflection of her teeth?
  13. cagonzon


    They look fake. Too white, too perfectly shaped....almost too large IMO I understand what you mean, but at least they're not huge like that singer.. what's her face, that little blonde pop singer that lost a bunch of weight and got veneers like bugs bunny... or a horse... I think Ale's are just short of being to big, I like her smile with her old teeth, but I can't say these new ones detract from it... IMO
  14. cagonzon


    WOW! she's so gorgeous here!
  15. cagonzon


    yeah... but who cares! :drool:
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