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  1. Hey!! how are you doing?

  2. Brazil should have won...she had the best walk, a good answer to the quesiton, and a great body. To top it all off she was the most beautiful one. Miss USA god bless her heart!!! Poor girl. I was going to cry when she fell. Mexico I think were pissed off because they had a gorgeous girl that didn't make it to the top five. She should have been there, instead of Japan and Venezuela.
  3. sorry if repost!: VSFS 2006
  4. sorry if its a repost...she looks stunning in it: VSFS 2006
  5. Hmmm....sorry if reposts: Zac Posen Fall 2007: and a photograph i found surfing the web Unkown???: by the way, she's growing on me.
  6. in concert sorry if reposts: credit to original posters*
  7. she is so pretty and natural: credit to original posters*
  8. You are very welcome!! P.S. You're gorgeous!!!

  9. my blonde hair a year ago: my hair currently: I like the reddish brunnette better.
  10. Piarcere molto lieito. Como sta?
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