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  1. Wow thanks for the pics ! Here are some more from Globo
  2. Raica ~ Rosa Cha 2008/2009 fashion show
  3. Câmera Record - Raica Oliveira video
  4. Your welcome . Two more from Cavendish backstage . Very lovely.
  5. Thanks! Here are some I took from the site.
  6. Video of Making of Lez a Lez Raica.
  7. Pic from the fashion show from TNG's official page and some close-ups.
  8. I found this beautiful new pic. It is gorgeous! But I can't post it directly so here's the link: http://www.record.pt/noticia.asp?id=783096&idCanal=2477
  9. you're wecome Here's a new pic of Raica interviewing Isabeli Fontana backstage of Cavendish.
  10. TNG fashion show Fashion Rio 2009 Video (raica backstage): http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Entre...RONALDO,00.html Video (fashion show): http://mais.uol.com.br/view/bfc3becnpbdr/f...07?types=A& Awsome!!
  11. New pic from the backstage of clothes suiting of TNG for Fashion Rio 2009 and an interview she gave during the suting about Ronaldo. Raica Oliveira says the case of Ronaldo with the tree transvestites was an 'accident ' Top, who is a former girlfriend of the player, commented on the subject during the suiting of clothes brand TNG. She wears on the night of Monday, 9, in Fashion Rio ( Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week). Raica talks about Ronaldo and transvestites case during the suiting of the TNG's clothes: "It was an accident" Fashion Rio in the area dominates fashion , right? Not always. During the suiting of clothes for brand TNG, which Raica Oliveira will wear on the night of Monday, 9, the model talked about the episode in which the player Ronaldo was discovered with three transvestites in a motel in Barra da Tijuca. Raica, which was in a relationship with the Phenomenon for a year, said she has great affection for the ex boyfriend and called the issue an "accident". "I heard what happened, but I do not think about it. I care for him him so much and I think he is so special, I think that what was an accident that could happen to anyone. He is one of the best players in the world, and people should think about it. But he is already recovering this history, and this is what matters, "she said.
  12. Hi! I just saw this pic and I was wondering when did she put on extra pounds?
  13. are there any more pics from cannes?
  14. got anything bigger Sorry, no...
  15. Thank so much sweet-lady! New pic from Vogue
  16. Tnx didn't see that pic in a while...
  17. From Hoje em Dia and Metrostyle
  18. Np problm , happens to me all the time
  19. Thanks sweet-lady, where are the pix from?
  20. Just about everyone... I totally dislike her.
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