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  1. It is sad that it did not happen during the peak of Ales career. It is impossible to happen now that they are more focus to new faces. But who knows, it might really happen now that she is in a new agency.
  2. Irina is walking for SavagexFenty?? Wow, that is amazing. Im amazed how her manager or agent manage her contract. Imagine being the face of Intissimisi but still able to walk in VS and Savagexfenty.
  3. Thanks for this @Marsnoop. The list is quite interesting especially for those topmodels. Im still wondering why Ale did not score at least Italia or Paris during her peak. Anyway, vogue covers today are not quite appealing to me.
  4. So, that means none of these. I thought she got Italian already. Anyway thanks. Im just looking into models who are already missing 1 Vogue cover from the big 4. 😁
  5. Hi Guys, I would like to ask what Vogue covers Ale is missing. I mean from the big 4 vogues. Thanks.
  6. I need good news from Doutzen. 😔 Nothing changed on her IG stories. I hope she is still loved in Holland. Since she is staying in her country at the moment, I hope brands from there or from EU would still book her. Hopefully, we get to see a surprise from her.
  7. I am positive that Adriana is still affiliated with CAA as her agency. However, it could be for her business only (depending on the contract) . Maybe, for the last 2 years, since she has no agent, she has to deal with the client directly and herself alone. And so, she has decided to just do it on her own completely. It could also be that CAA was not really there to support her modeling career when she signed with them (as for business only) so she didnt think of getting them to be her "modelling" agency. By the way, if this is the case, she really has no team. So, our call out to Adriana's "team" for not telling her not post or say this, blah blah was nothing. Lol. Now, im thinking if Adriana would level up her social medial skill. I still believe social media marketing/networking would definitely help her continue climb up with this social media era now.
  8. Wow! That was why we were all worried because CAA, as far as we know, is for mainly brand marketing. It is good that she finally shared her status with the agency. I would now understand her more if she is lacking work. It is hard to hustle this time especially with no agency or agent.
  9. I had a crazy guess before that she is no longer an ambassador. I was just thinking that the deal was good for 5 years. She signed up on 2014 and probably ended on 2019. But I remembered Maybelline donated to BR foundation on behalf of adriana, so i was thinking it was just a grateful act, you know, just being thankful to adriana for the years she spent with them. But maybe i was just overthinking😅.
  10. Oh, i thought it was my connection not working. So yeah, it was probably her live. I wish she'd try again.
  11. I missed Adriana's live today. I think it was for Sienna's bday. Were you able to see it. I was not able to view it.
  12. That's sad. But I am amazed how she kept that contract for so long.
  13. adamama


    I felt like I have seen this photo before. But I hope I was wrong and she would be back to NY.
  14. adamama


    Probably back to her home. She is probably hosting a party in her new renovated hluse.
  15. adamama


    So beautiful 😍😍😍. I love this kind of make up on her.
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