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  1. I think she believes that relating herself to nature humbles her at the same time giving her peace of mind. I just wish though she is living the best of her life.
  2. It is so weird that there is one person who is "literaly crazy" over her. The power of Adriana though 😜. I mean living his life following Adriana? We know that there are a lot of people obsessing Adriana but did not go this far. Someone have to tap his head and tell he is living in fantasy. He is also in YT spamming.
  3. {name}


    @lucyford she even confirmed that she is currently working on it. Yes, I also agree that she should stay with Maybelline for now for exposure. She also mentioned about licensing. Illt might be true thta she is really on the move with the "cosmetic" line.
  4. {name}


    I've enjoyed it too. At some point, I've seen she was having hard time explaining or expressing more of her thoughts but I understand since it was in English. I wonder if she is really working on cosmetics or a skincare line. Coz if it is a cosmetics then no longer Maybelline.
  5. I think there is nothing wrong to post for what she thinks need to be spoken. Like what I have said, at this time, she no longer focuses on being great as a model but as an influencer. However, as a fan, it's a bit off especially we really wished for Doutzen to be in clear and positive spot to keep her image or career. I think Gisele also post something about how we should do or what the virus has affected us but she has not received a major or negative backlash on it. Do you think it is about the content or use of words on her post or probably it is just how people perceive what she was trying to say.
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    She bangs! 😍πŸ’₯πŸ’£
  7. Irina's manager is working really hard!!! But of course Irina herself too. 😍😍😍Deym, she is everywhere.
  8. wowowowowowow 😍😍😍 She is everywhere. How can Irina be the other brand's lingerie ambassador and still land a VS fragrance campaign (if it is)???
  9. I missed her. I wish I had Doutzen's facial bone structure and hair. 😍😍😍 Btw, her arms look so slim. I wish she is not into extreme diet. She has already one of the best bodies.
  10. {name}


    It is good that she is still close with the Vouge Arabia's Editor in Chief. Hopefully, he could give her another vogue cover.
  11. Her eyes 😍. I thought she was a MJ beauty ambassador. Irina amnd Adriana are my fave brunettes.
  12. wow Doutzen's beauty really stands out 😍😍😍. Is this a campaign or was a photo during the Jacquemus FW 2020 show?
  13. Hey guys, I've read in here that Adriana wishes to have her skin care line. I think it would have been a collaboration with Clarins. Do tou think she would still pursue it?
  14. {name}


    ugh, she needs to update her IG with this face 😍
  15. Yes, I am happy to know that she is still doing relevant jobs in the fashion industry. Maybe, I would just set my expectation low when it comes to her walking on HF brands and doing more campaigns. As an avid fan, I cant help but wish she could still do more hf campaigns, covers, walk in famous brands.
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