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  1. Hey there kristina! Hope you are doing well :)

  2. Hi nichelle!

    its been so long since we last spoke :) hope you are well.

  3. hey you! hows the web design going? Haven't seen you in a while.

  4. hey little lady! How have you been? Just checking up on you.



  5. Como esta la nina con los ojos mas lindos del mundo?

  6. haha I thought not =) but I guess its tradition to say it to everyone...

    Warm hugs friend


  7. Ciao!

    Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!

  8. Awww =( well thats a kick in the keister! One day you will be a senior editor. I know you have the potential and the creative mind for that ;) Work is going well, kind of want to do something else. Fam is awesome, alive and healthy... ANd you?


  9. P.s Don't be a stranger, do you have my email? I will send it to you through PM. Oh and I finally finished my website.... Sort of =)


    Check it out and tell me what you think of it


  10. Hi sweet friend!

    It's quite alright, I know your working hard on getting your degree and sometimes you don't have any time. Hey but one day this will all pay off! I know it!!! I myself am doing well, working at an Electronics store moving my way up. Trying to get another job at the moment ;)

  11. Damn homey! Sounds like you have allot on your plate... But I bet you'll have enough money to get that diamond grill you always wanted =) ahahha

  12. Couldn't agree more =) take care!

  13. Whats up girl!!!

  14. Love that sig my man =)

  15. hows it going?


  16. =) Glad you had fun, I just love that pic... its priceless. So how is your modeling career going?


  17. =) I'm glad you like it, it reminds me of how thoughtful and caring you are.

  18. Hey Friend!!! How are you? I sent you a pm.

  19. Hello!!!

    It's been so long that I haven't heard from you. Nice to hear from you =)


  20. hi friend!!

    How are you? Did you get my pm?

  21. True true, nothing wrong with being busy. As far as parties go, you know I'm not much of a party person... You would have to teach me hahaha. The phili must of been really cool journey, do you have family there? So whats new with you my friend?


  22. hey grl how are you? Hope life is treating you well ;)

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